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Christopher Paige

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A friend of mine told me not too long ago that a group of lawyers were about to leave their law firm to go to work for a law firm that I used to work for. My friend said that the lawyers changed their minds about joining this old law firm I worked for when they read something that I wrote about the firm at vault.com

According to my friend, the dipsheats at this silly aaass law firm I worked for are talking about how I am in the habit of doing to companies what I "did to them"; as if I am some evil monster from space.

The thing is that these Silly Little Racist Fahks have/had been playing games with Black Peoples' lives for fun for years. The only problem is that they had not run into a Black Man who was more interested in making money than he was in working for their little idiot fahking law firm.

I worked at this little idiot fahking law firm with these little idiot fahking lawyers for more than a year. And, all during that time it never fahking occurred to the dumb fahks that I might actually be more than a fahking word processor.

When dumb fahk wannabe employment law experts started trying to play their little "FIRE THE BLACK" game on me, I introduced them to a new twist on the concept that I invented called "DESTROY THE LAW FIRM".

Racist Fahks in New York City, especially Racist Lawyer Fahks will do anything and write anything and say anything in a racial discrimination lawsuit context because they know that no judge in New York City is going to rule against them in a racial discrimination lawsuit. So, the perfect way to set some fahker up in New York City (i.e. to get him/her to say or do something that can then be used against them in a criminal investigation or some other civil lawsuit) is to IMPLY that you are going to file a racial discrimination lawsuit against them. The dumb fahks will supply all kinds of sheat that you can use to bury their stupid asses with, either with the IRS, the SEC or some other type of civil litigation.

The fact is that there are so many former employees of this stupid aass law firm working overtime to come up evidence of criminal activity at the firm that I don't have to actually do anything to the dumb fahks.


As much as I hate to admit it, I fell victim to New York City.

When I first came to New York City more than ten years ago, I just assumed that New Yorkers were homo sapiens who deserved to live.

I actually believed one idiot fahker recruiter (who seems to now be out of business) when he told me that I could never get a job doing such and such because I didn't have the training (all I had was an engineering degree).

If ten years ago, I knew that New Yorkers were all idiot fahkers who deserved to die, I think I would have made much better choices career wise.

While PERM JOB anywhere else in the world may be a good thang, in New York City PERM JOB means that you will be looking at the same butt ugly abused fhakers every day of your working life until you kill them (or until someone else kills them). Temping/Consulting in New York City is not only your best move career wise (while you start your own business), in New York City, it is also the ONLY known way to avoid a long prison sentence.

Ten years ago, no one told me that "actor" was merely NYC Code for "idiot fahker" (and/or "idiot fhaker prostitute"). I never would have wasted so much of my time actually trying to relate to idiot actors (as if they were human) had someone told me that (in New York City) they were the humanoid equivalent of pond scum.

If I accomplish nothing else with this website, I would like to give you the advice that I didn't get ten years ago. In NYC, ASSUME that everyone you meet is an idiot fahking waste of skin unless they can provide you with proof that they are from Germany and are just visiting the city for a few weeks.

The Only people in NYC even worth talking to are German Tourist - Male German Tourists.

The rest of the 7+million "abused human hamburger with feet" are just in their "pre-homicide victim" phase.

When you see how many companies in New York City have and are making a lot of money, realizing that ALL of these companies have brain damaged, idiot, abused, usless fhakers working for them is like being handed the keys to Fort Knox
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